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About Mansi

From the very beginning of the picture, every good bad experience that has come to this day has become the subject of pictures. Art is such a great platform for me to express my mind which is basically sensitive! Singular-poetry writing, dance, music, formulary.

In each of these abstracted art forms, being a young person, and having a child buried within me, helped me become a better Art Teacher!

I have never really understood that I have fallen in love with Nude, which is basically a tendency towards realistic work.

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My Art Work

Nudity, Nude Art does not mean only the naked body with the exposed areas, but it is a deep thought and thinking of the artist towards a human soul than the physical attraction. The purpose of these painting was to never promote pornography or create temptation among people but to showcase difficulties faced by woman and different stages of woman’s life. I thrive to work in this field as long as my imagination and passion makes impactful paintings and to dedicate these art forms and paintings to the art lovers who see the purity and the message depicted in it.

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Awards & Achievements

Best Drawing Award All India level nashik kalaniketan's, Nashik 2020.

All India level V.V.Oak smriti purskar, Pune 2020.

Bronz Medal Sumbraan art foundation national level contest, Pune 2019.

Best Entry Nashik kalaniketan's in art teacher section, Nasik 2018.

Nirman art foundation national level unic style painting, 2017.

Best Portrait Award Nasik kalaniketans exhibitio, 2014.

1st Award Shlok, Lokmat exhibition, 2009-2010.

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EFAC Odisha 21 welcome 21 online studio art camp
8th to 10th January 2021 - Delhi.

Delhi Exhibition Event
12th December 2020 - Delhi.

Chinha facebook Live Interview
5th December 2020 - Mumbai.

Prisum Group, Color's Holi with Painter
7th March 2020 - Pune.

Radio Vishwas ( 90.8 ) Interview
28th October 2019 - Nashik.

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